Julius Erasmus  - BIO

Julius Erasmus is an experienced and innovative interior designer focused on service. He earned his Bachelors Degree in interior design from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. Whereafter established his career working with several high-profile design groups and founded his own interior design firm, JE Interior Design, in 2008. He moved to the Garden Route loving the country life and already establishing a name for himself through his creative genes.

As an interior designer, Julius’s main focus is serving the customer.  He works on projects of all sizes, from complete design services for multi-million ZAR houses to simply helping the lady across the road to choose the perfect paint colours for their home.  After completing projects, Julius’s clients often tell him, he seems like both a trusted advisor and a close friend! Julius also takes on select commercial projects in addition to his residential design work, and finds helping people feel comfortable and happy in their office space is always rewarding.

“Interior design is not just a career for me – it’s a passion”

Julius loves meeting interesting and eclectic people, and enjoys the variety of experiences a design career provides.  He also works to educate the public about what interior design involves.  Designers such as Julius do more than decorate – he offers services from space planning, window treatments, furniture, décor and much more. He likes to make himself known as the ‘one stop shop’
In his spare time, he loves to be involved in community projects and has a couple of charities that he submits too. He is a well loved family orientated person, having friends from all different forms of culture, beliefs and races. His biggest personal beliefs are that 'one' should never judge the path of a person one did not walk. Being very in-touch with nature, him and his spouse loves the outdoors and all their furry kids.
You can view Julius Erasmus’s work and contact him through his Web Page, Facebook Page or Instagram